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4~Camping in the woods date

Rose looked down at all the junk that was spread across her bed. She’d never been camping before, and wasn’t quite sure what all she’d need for the trip. After about half an hour of going through clothes and picking the best shoes, she was finally settled. She threw her bag over her shoulder before heading to the console room, a smile lighting up her face when she saw the Doctor. 

"Done." She said, dropping her bag at her feet. "I’ve got to admit, this is definitely gonna be the strangest date I’ve ever been on." She smiled again, her tongue peeking between her teeth as she did so. 

The Doctor wanted to do something different, and camping in the woods seemed different enough for him. The Time Lord couldn’t but to smile when Rose appeared in the console room with her bag full. It has been a while since they hadn’t gone somewhere without having to deal with any kind of trouble; and the Doctor hoped nothing was going to happen. Actually, he was starting to get a bit anxious with all that.

"Strangest? After travelling with a weirdo throughout the universe, how’s camping in the woods strange?"

*pins you against the wall and kisses you* ((Pass it on to the first ten on your dash))




    "Okaaay. What was this for?”


"Not speechless, stupid Sand shoes."


"You didn’t say a word, if that’s not speechless, well then, I don’t know what it is."

Not a Common Man || American Psycho || @elizabeth-the-artsy-fart


When Jean heard his answer, she was utterly shocked and embarrassed! How did anyone know that she fancied him? I mean, it wasn’t that obvious was it? I mean, she rarely did anything to grab his attention other than remind him of work that had to be done, or outings he had.

But how did all of the office, and him know?

"I-oh, I uhm…okay." She didn’t exactly know what to say to him.

He didn’t restrain the smile that formed on his face upon her reaction. No, not everyone knew that she fancied him. Only his friends insinuated about it, and after knowing they were here tonight, more talking would be done. Patrick sighed and finished his drink.

"You can say something. I don’t bite. Not yet." The man looked around, searching for the waiter. "Do you still want to eat something or can we go to my apartment now?"



   He’s reading, isn’t he? Well don’t bug him,
   the Doctor’s obviously got important things
   to do; he isn’t paying attention. He’s got his
   tongue between his lips idly, eyes scanning
   the page and flicking back and forth.
      Have you seen this one, yet? They’ve
       got your nose all wrong here, too small.


   At the look of the man, he couldn’t but to frown.
   No particular reason, he didn’t even know him;
   but it felt odd. It felt like he knew this man, and
   that he shouldn’t be here, in this place, or time.


       ”What? No, they wouldn’t do that.
                       But my hair— how’s it?”

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Send me a ❖ and my muse will kiss yours

Clara had been travelling with him for a while now, and she didn’t know why, but kissing him just felt…right. They were on an adventure that went…better than usual ones. They had just had to run from some really rather scary and dangerous looking creatures that lived in the forest that the TARDIS had so handily landed them in.

They managed to get to safety, and the place was beautiful. It was serene, which was probably what the forest would have been like if it weren’t for the beings that had threatened their lives. After having sat down beside him, a rush of spontaneity hit her. The small brunette’s lips pressed against his for a few moments, before she withdrew again. Without a word, she glanced at him with a gentle, almost sheepish smile curving her lips before she looked back at the lake nearby.


She hadn’t known why she’d done it. She just…did, and it didn’t take long for it to sink in what she had in fact kiss him. She felt like slapping herself, hiding under a rock and curling up into a ball so that she could refuse to come out.

She shifted a little bit away from him and bit her lip, a wave of guilt coming down upon her like that of a hurricane. That was bloody stupid, idiotic. The crushing thoughts continued to come down on her while she stared at the lake, staying in a nervous and rather awkward silence.

Refusing to glance at him once he called her name, her eyes locked onto the lake. What was she meant to say? To pretend it never happened would be stupid. It’d just be silly, because it clearly just did. So what then?


She hummed slightly in response, giving him acknowledgement that she heard him, but not a lot else.

She didn’t give him a response, and the Doctor didn’t know what to say. He was trying to ignore the good sensation and the warmth that spread through his body from her lips. The Doctor didn’t know what was that supposed to mean, nor if this was a normal sensation. Last time he’d kissed someone… well, it was a long time. Well, not a long time, but the feeling that took over him appeared just once before, with a certain blonde.

He put his hands together at his back and glared at the lake also. Leaning back and forth on his tiptoes, he cleared his throat before speaking again.


"What’s… with the kiss?"

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    “Keep telling yourself that,
     if it helps you sleep at night.
     You know as well as I do
     that time equals experience
     especially in our line of work.”


       ”But time is different in our case.
       You may be older, but our personality 
       is not the same. I can show more experience
       then you do, even if I’m younger. Time is not
       always equal exprience. It depends on the person.”

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