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Lovelies, I’m sorry but I’m gonna be around today. Again.

I’ve spent the whole afternoon writing an essay and I now I have to study a lot for the audition of the play that happens in my school every year. This year we’re gonna do Alice in Wonderland and, even though I’m already part of the drama club and we always get a part at any play, I want to be the Queen of Hearts. So I need to study her lines and stuff.

Probably won’t roleplay today, maybe just a few things without any images later at night with my mobile. 

If you want me to write something for you in Gallifreyan, just tell me what you want in my ask box.

Aaaand wish me luck!! :S

Karen Gillan at the “Guardians of the Galaxy” premiere in Hollywood

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Before I go and finish to write in Gallifreyan, here is a list of threads I need:

  • Ten and any companion. (the more, the merrier)
  • Ten and Jack
  • Allonswin
  • Ten/Rose
  • Ten/River
  • Something in a group (like the 50th anniversay thing I did once)
  • American Psycho AU
  • An…




Oh my goodness, thank you so much! This was such a wonderful post to come home to, hun! I’m so glad you like the thread! It’s part of a huge AU that takes up, like, most of my blog, oops.

And it just might kill you. I haven’t even put John’s backstory up on here yet.


You’re welcome! I’m glad you like it, because I felt I needed to tell how much I love the thread and the verse. And I may stalk your blog more than usual. 

And John’s backstory? Oh, you do want to kill me. And I like being alive, you know?

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OMFG I AM ACTUALLY SPEECHLESS. *whispers* we have a Clara too for that verse. 


You do? Omg, gonna read everything NOW. *hugs*

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"Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in."

Before I go and finish to write in Gallifreyan, here is a list of threads I need:

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