So! Time ago, I said that this years I had to study for real and not be on tumblr all day. I’m sure you don’t remember this, but I did say it. And the thing is, I am really working hard this year. That’s why I’m not very much around. I’m sorry. Also, I’m writing a lot of Sherlolly fanfics cause now I have a public who reads my fics and that takes plenty of my free time (which is miserable short)

This weekend I’ll try to catch up with my drafts and maybe come up with a few starters. The Doctor and I love ya all. <3 <3

Oh, and I watched Back to the Future for the first time. When I saw Clara and Doc all I could think was: WHOUFFLE.


Most beautiful and deepest scene of all the play!!!!!

It doesn’t do turkey. Nothing does turkey. You’d need a time machine.

i am iron man 

Make Me Choose - > kaylainthetardis asks: Series One or Series Four?

actual highest paid actor in hollywood